Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of shoes?

Well, its your ankles. But we strongly recommend good trail running shoes, given the technical footing with rocks and roots, and running in creek beds. Road shoes are permitted (at your own risk, of course).

Will my feet get wet?

OH Yeah! Unless there is a drought for two months prior to the race, you will get wet. You will encounter several major creek crossings, plus other smaller streams.

Can I pick up my packet/number at the start?

You may, but we will start the race ON TIME! If you are in line to pick up your packet, you may be starting the race late. So we highly encourage you to pick up your packet the day before the race at Blue Mile in the Highlands.

Will there be aid stations?

Every 3-4 miles with water, Heed, energy-filled snacks (i.e pretzels, bananas, cookies, Hammer gels, etc.), and staffed by energy-filled folks!

Will I get a finisher's medal?

Yes, as long as you finish.

Will there be a pre-race dinner?

No, at this time we do not have the facilities to host.

What is the refund policy?

If you cannot attend, we can do one of the following if you notify us at least one week prior to race day:

  • Transfer to the next year's race.
  • Refund your entry minus $20 service charge
  • Transfer you entry to another runner with $10 service charge. Please send us new participant's data on the official form along with $10. We must also receive an e-mail or other verifiable document from the registered participant.
  • No refunds, transfers, or exchanges will be made within one week of the race.

How difficult is it really?

This may be the most challenging marathon in the eastern U.S. But isn't that why you are here?

If you have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact either race director.

Jim Ball,

Shannon Burke,

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